About Me.

Hello, my name is Leonie. I'm a freelance web developer who specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I registered my first domain name and launched my first website leoniemann.com on the 9th October 2002, 13 years ago when i was just 9 years old, my interest in the internet started at a very early age! My ambition then was to become a web designer, on leaving school I attended Queen Elizabeth college completing a 2 year computer technology course and then went on to and recently graduated from The University of Hudderfield with a degree in Web Technologies (BSc Hons). During my time at University, I moved to Florence, Italy for a year to work in the European University Institute providing their IT Support.

Before graduating in July 2015, I was working part-time for Interior Goods Direct joining their fast growing web team, as a front end web developer. After graduating, I was offered a full time role within the company which led to being promoted to the head of front end development.