Car Breaker.

Car breaker is built up with 3 different website all totalling to over 100,000 visitors each month. A few years ago, they where spending £20,000 a month on Google AdWords, now they pay nothing as the website has been optimised for organic searches rather than adverts. This website was quite hard to optimise as they have such a large amount of stock, every make, model, year and trim of cars to try and get found on the first page of Google proved to be difficult, but now they are within the top 4 search results and most product pictures are in the first 3 results on Google Images.

Recently I have re-designed both back end and front end of the website, including the admin section, to make the site mobile friendly along with an android app which allows car breakers across the country to upload their stock via a mobile phone.

Since launching this site, they have seen bounce rate decrease by XXX on a mobile device and XXX on a desktop. This has improved conversion rates and gained more customers using their mobile devices.